Welcome of the dean

Welcome of the dean

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of law at Slobomir P University.

It is our pleasure to greet you and introduce the Faculty of law at Slobomir P University to you.

Our Faculty is one of the private law schools with the longest tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the course of its existence, it has gained a considerable reputation by educating a large number of young people for legal professions. Teaching at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies is conducted according to the contemporarystudy programmes accredited by the Ministry, in two campuses, Slobomir (Bijeljina) and Doboj.

With pleasure, which arises from the final view of the successful completion of the job, we can offer you three substantially well-designed streams of study at master studies at the Faculty of Law of the Slobomir PUniversity.

We offer interestingcontent, contemporary, rich and efficient master studies with renowned professors, mentorship and work in small groups, frequent evaluation of knowledge and skills, in our modern architectural buildings and pleasant working atmosphere.

The offered major streams of studyat our master studies will contribute to the expansion of your judicial knowledge and strengthening your legal skills for individual work and work in legal groups and groups of experts from various other fields.

PhD Miroslav Milosavljević