Entrance exam and enrollment

Entrance exam and enrollment

Graduates of law schools, political science and philosophy faculty group of Sociology, foreign or domesticcan apply for the legal theory.

Graduates of law schools in the country and abroad can apply for the civil law stream.

Graduates of law schools, political science, certain majors faculties and philosophical faculties, security, criminology faculty and graduates from senior military and police schools can apply for the general security stream.

Students of the parent faculty with a grade point average during the undergraduate studies of 8.00 and above 8.00 do not take an entrance exam. Students who submit proof of English language skills do not have to take the English language exam.


Students with an average of less than 8:00, take an entrance exam consisting of two parts:

  •   – essays from vocational subjects specified by the University Senate
  •   – taking the English language exam, if you do not provide evidence of active knowledge.

Students – candidates from the non-core faculties take an entrance exam consisting of two parts:

  •  - Entrance exam in two professional academic courses/subjects and
  •  - Entrance exam in the English language (or submit the proof on active knowledge of the English language)

The entrance exam is going to be held from 27- 31 October 2014 according to the schedules which will afterwards be published on the web page or the notice board of the University.

The following documents are required for the application:

  • - entry application form
  • - diploma or the Graduation certificate
  • - the certificate on passed exams
  • - short biography/CV(curriculum vitae)
  • - the Birth Certificate
  • - the Certificate of Citizenship
  • - the curriculum if the candidate is a student of unrelated faculty

You can fill in an online application  here.